Vertical / Percolator Extractor


Vertical Extractor used in the Herbal and Phytochemical Industry for recovery of solvent by indirect steam heating. Herbs loaded from the top manhole, the herbs stay on mesh fitted inside the shell. Spent herbs can be removed either by side opening or by bottom opening (percolator)

The benefit of a bottom opening manhole in a percolator is that it saves the time of unloading. It unloads many times faster than a typical vertical extractor. Our Percolator Extractors are preferred for their sturdy design, compact size, ease of operation, unparalleled performance and longer working life.

Special Features :

  • Suitable for medium capacities extraction.
  • Cost effective
  • Provision for counter current operation and low solvent handling.
  • Hydraulic bottom opening for removal of spent herbs drastically reduce the unloading time. Thus reducing the whole processing time.

Capacity Available : 50 litres to 8,000 litres


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