Vacuum Tray Dryer


VTD is used for drying high grade, temperature sensitive & oxygen sensitive materials. It is highly suitable for drying hygroscopic substances, lumpy, glutinous and products of low pomposity. Itis widely used in pharmaceutical, chemicals & food industry.

Vacuum Tray Dryer works under vacuum conditions on the conduction principle. Inside the dryer are several shelves, product is placed on these shelves in trays. The top most shelf is a dummy shelf placed there to ensure proper heating and to prevent the dried powder from escaping into the solvent extraction system. The shelves are constructed hollow with baffles cum stiffeners placed in between shelves. Every shelf has an inlet and outlet nozzle and is connected to an inlet and outlet header through these nozzles. Hot medium is passed through these shelves through inlet header and flow in crisscross pattern, causing faster heat transfer

Special Features :

  • Heavy duty design to withstand full vacuum.
  • Construction & finish as per cGMP standards.
  • Steam sterilizable models are also available (on request)
  • Double door loading available in larger models.

Capacity Available :3 to 96 trays



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