Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer


ANFD is a multi-utility equipment which is a combination of filter and dryer unit in single equipment. It is used to separate solid and liquid by filtration under pressure or vacuum. The equipment has wide field of applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, Agro chemicals, fine chemicals, and food industries.

Special Features :

  • Hygienic Design – Closed Vessel design ensures Odourless, Contamination Free & Non-Polluting working conditions.
  • Multi-functional utility – Carries out various phases of process operations, viz. Crystallization, Filtration, Extraction, Discoloration, Washing and Drying
  • Saves on power, labour, floor space, material wastage & time, thereby enhancing profitability.
  • Versatile, safe & user friendly.

Enables easy non-manual and automatic cake / solid discharge.

Capacity Available : 100 litres to 4000 litres



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