Bottom Discharge Centrifuge


Basket Centrifuge is used to separate a mixture that consists of two substances with different densities by using the centrifugal force resulting from continuous rotation.

In bottom discharge basket centrifuges, cake is scrapped (through a scrapper operated either manually, pneumatically or through hydraulic cylinder) &discharged from openings in the basket bottom &Inertia plate while the basket rotates a slow speed.

Salient Features

  • cGMP construction
  • Residual cake blow-off system
  • Large central opening
  • Scraper
  • 4-point Viscous damper mounts
  • Variable frequency drive

Optional Features

  • Zero speed interlock
  • Clean in Place
  • Nitrogen Blanketing
  • PLC controlled operation
  • HMI
  • Cake thickness sensor
  • Vibration monitoring

Capacity Available – 24”, 36”, 48” & 60”


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