Pressure Nutsche Filter


We manufacture pressure nutsche filters for fine chemical process and pharmaceutical applications. Pressure Nutsche Filters are a vertical vessels with one horizontal perforated plate. These are widely used to separate solid and liquid by filtration under pressure or vacuum or in combination of both. It is a closed vessel designed that can be re-slurried and washed thoroughly with water or solvent. The discharge of wet cake is automatic. Drying of wet cake is also possible when drying features are incorporated.

The vessel’s top cover can be operated through hydraulic system that controls the independent raising and lowering of the top. Either, bottom detachable with body flange through hydraulic system can also be made.

  • Various types of Coating for Wetted Parts like – HALAR/ ETFE and Hastelloy for Friction Parts etc.
  •  Easy recovery of cake in dry or wet form.
  • Ideal for piloting of new or modified batch operation and/or processes requiring recovery of the cake.